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Welcome to our fabulously trendy guide to Women's Scrubs.  Are you actually looking to learn more about scrubs for women?  We certainly hope that you are because the reality is that you have found our page on the subject.

What are scrubs?  Scrubs are the sanitary clothing worn by surgeons, nurses, physicians and other workers involved in patient care in hospitals. Originally designed for use by surgeons and other operating room personnel, who would put them on when sterilizing themselves, or "scrubbing in", before surgery, they are now worn by many hospital personnel.

Keep in mind that hygiene is extremely important.

Women's Surgical scrubs are not generally owned by the wearer. Due to concerns about home laundering and sterility issues, these scrubs are usually hospital-owned or hospital-leased through a commercial linen service. And due to these laundering and sterility limitations, disposable scrub suits were introduced in the market.

In many operating rooms, it is forbidden to wear any exposed clothing, such as a t-shirt, beneath scrubs. As scrubs are designed to promote a clean environment, the wearing of outside clothing is thought to introduce unwanted pathogens. Nearly all patient care personnel at hospitals in the United States wear some form of scrubs while on duty, as do some staffers in doctor, dental, and veterinary offices. 

Scrubs are typically unisex.  However, you can also find scrubs that are designed specifically to better fit a woman's body.  You can certainly find hospital, doctor and nurse uniforms in a variety of styles & cuts to choose from at affordable prices.

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Depending on the healthcare office, hospital, location, etc., their may be different dress codes assigned.  Below are general guidelines, but they are not set in stone.  If you work in the healthcare industry, you should certainly consult with your employer regarding the appropriate dress code.

Scrubs worn in surgery are almost always colored solid light grey, light green, light blue or a light green-blue shade.

Non-surgical scrubs come in a wider variety of colors and patterns, ranging from official issue garments to custom made, whether by commercial uniform companies or by home-sewing using commercially available printed patterns.

Custom-made printed scrub tops, featuring cartoon characters and cheerful prints, are common in pediatricians' offices, veterinary offices, dental clinics and children's hospitals, and prints for various holidays can be seen throughout the year. Some acute care facilities or larger hospitals also have relaxed rules regarding the wear of non-regulation scrubs in non-surgical units, and they are no longer just the classic v-neck scrub tops, but are now offered in many styles and patterns.

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