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When you say western style hats, we assume you are talking about cowgirl hats?

Keep authenticity and simplicity in mind.  Find a cowgirl hat that can be worn anywhere. One that is lightweight and sturdy. Something to fit with any set of boots.  A firm, yet relaxed fit.

Western style hats can be crafted with leather, fur, straw, wool felt, etc.

Cowgirl hats are traditionally high-crowned, wide brimmed hats associated with the western attire of the North American cowgirl. Although the style originated in the old west, the style has migrated around the globe.  Today you will find ladies western style headwear in cities all around America as well as the rest of the globe.  The true cowgirl hats are still associated with ranch workers in the Western and Southern United States, Western Canada, and Northern Mexico. Although they are often worn for horse back riding and ranch work, others wear them simply for the sense of style.

Women's Western Hats

A few features to consider:

Be sure to select the proper hat circumference for well fitting headwear.

Put a western spin on sun protection.  Learn about sun hats in our fashion influence section.

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What ever style of headwear you are wearing today is most certainly in fashion.

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If you want to be even more stylish, you should wear your favorite Women's Western Style Hats.

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