Women's Yellow Raincoats
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Yellow raincoats are 100% "always" in fashion.  They are trendy in the winter, spring, summer or fall.  Every month and year after year yellow is the hottest color for rainwear.  No, it is not a fashion statement.  This is an issue of "safety".  When it is raining the visibility is greatly reduced.  Wearing yellow increases the odds that you will be visible to vehicles, cyclists, and other pedestrians.

Womens Yellow Raincoats

Why yellow?

Yellow is the most visible color to the human eye.  The human eye processes yellow first.  When light hits a certain object, the object absorbs some of the light, while portion is reflected. This reflected light enters our eyes and reaches specialized receptors called cones. The cones get excited as the light hits them and they send signals to the brain. Different light wavelengths stimulate specific combination of cones, making us perceive the different colors. The red and green cones in our retina are highly sensitive to light. When we see yellow, both of these types of cones are excited so that they reach almost peak intensity. In addition, other parts of the eye reduce sensitivity to violet and blue light, making yellow appear to be the brightest among all the colors in the spectrum.

Yellow is attention grabbing.

A black rain jacket may make you look cool & trendy, but yellow is the Apparel Search color of choice for rainy days.

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Better safe than sorry, be sure to wear a yellow or orange rain coat.

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