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is an apparel company that was started in 2000 by Greg Long and Chris Edmundson. The pair began silkscreening t-shirts with artwork from their friends in Long's San Francisco garage. They wanted to help promote the San Francisco art scene and distract from their day jobs. Shortly after starting, one of Long's friends, artist Tim Biskup joined them, and printed shirts with Biskup's Gama-Goon character. The three of them together took the basement hobby and turned it into a company.

With characters such as The Yeti, DeathBot, Tigerlily, Sqiddles, Dirty Bird, and Bling-Bling, the designs fall into place with the low brow and pop art movements. GAMA-GO specializes in unique apparel, gifts and art from artists including Tim Biskup, Joe Ledbetter, Jackson Pritt and Grace Fontaine.

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