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is a Brooklyn-based independent clothing manufacturer that specializes in custom made apparel and original in-house designs. They claim to be the only company in America that creates one-at-a-time hand-stitched sweatshirts. They have received substantial media attention for their business, including write-ups in the New York Times and People magazine. In December 2007, Rachael Ray featured their clothing in her magazine and television show. That month the founder, Michael de Zayas, was a guest on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch on MSNBC. Neighborhoodies sells clothing through their website and their headquarters and showroom in Brooklyn. In addition to custom tees and hoodies, the company also produces "readymade" t-shirts, publishing 10 new in-house designs each weekday on their website. Amond the thousands of readymade designs include customizable Enfield Tennis Academy shirts, a reference to David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. The "Utah get me two" has launched them into the world stage as the definitive creators of Gary Busey tees.

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