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A fashion internship is a great way to learn about the fashion industry. An internship is a temporarily position at a fashion house, company or brand with the focus on training rather than employment.

Apparel Search presents an excellent resource for viewing fashion industry careers as well as posting employment opportunities for the apparel, fashion & textile industries.

Fashion industry internships are a great way to gain experience and build a professional network. Internships provide invaluable experience in the industry, and can be the first step in launching a successful career. It's important to understand the basics of fashion internships and what you need to do to make the most of the opportunity.

One of the most important aspects of any fashion internship is research. Interns are expected to be knowledgeable about the fashion industry, including the latest trends, designers, labels, and styles. Interns should be able to research and present findings to their supervisors. It's also important to be able to analyze data, develop new ideas, and help with design and production.

Interns should also be prepared to work hard and be flexible. Fashion is an ever-changing industry, and interns need to be able to adapt to the changing environment. Interns should also be prepared to work long hours, and should be willing to take on any task given to them.

Another important skill for fashion interns is networking. Interns should take advantage of any opportunities they can to build their professional network. This includes attending industry events, networking with established professionals, and building relationships with other interns.

Finally, fashion interns should be prepared to take advantage of any opportunities that come their way. Internships often lead to full-time positions, so it's important to make a good impression. Take advantage of any chances you have to demonstrate your skills and learn from experienced professionals.

Fashion internships can be a great way to jumpstart a career in the fashion industry. With the right research, networking skills, and willingness to work hard and be flexible, fashion industry interns can make the most of their experience and have a successful career.

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Belk Department Stores are currently seeking highly motivated individuals for the Belk Retail Internship Program. During this structured 300 hours of development interns will get to know Belk stores, and learn about the retail business by mastering the art of selling and customer relations. They also experience other aspects of store and merchandise operations through planned experiences and project development.  Those interns who are identified as possessing the necessary skills and qualifications for retail management will be selected as candidates for the challenging Belk Executive Trainee Program. If you meet the following requirements, they urge you to submit your resume and letter of interest.  You can check the submission deadlines from their website.

Requirements (check their site for most current list of requirements):

About Belk: Belk, established in 1888, is a privately-owned fashion retail company with over two hundred department stores located in 13 southeastern and mid-Atlantic states and employs 20,000 people. As Belk sets forth a bold new vision - to be the dominant fashion retailer in our markets, we know our success will not only depend on superior merchandise brands and customer service, but also on diverse management talent eager to take on an exciting and challenging future.

HBC (Canada) The Hbc Internship Program helps Hbc identify and nurture future talent by providing development opportunities for students who are heading into their final year of post-secondary education. It is an ideal program if you are interested in exploring a career in retail with Canada's favourite retailer. This 15-week paid program matches interns to job placements in the business, and provides a coach who gives you performance and technical feedback. You will also have a mentor to support your career development and to ensure that your experience is progressing appropriately. The Program is complemented by classroom training days to give you more exposure to senior leadership, networking opportunities and to help you with your own leadership development - as well as giving you an inside look at the unlimited possibilities within other parts of the Hbc business.

About HBC:  Hbc is Canada's oldest diversified general merchandise retailer, operating in department store (the Bay), mass merchandise (Zellers), specialty (Home Outfitters and Designer Depot) and discount (Fields) formats. With over 550 stores and nearly 70,000 associates located in every province in Canada, Hbc provides Canadians with stylish, quality merchandise at great value, through retail banners focused on exceptional customer service. Hbc is a Canadian retail leader in corporate social responsibility, and the fourth annual Hbc CSR report can be found at

Kenneth Cole : Kenneth Cole is just about always searching for talented individuals with fashion industry experience or at least a great sense of style. You can search their site for corporate positions, retail positions and even internships.

Dream Careers (Formerly University of Dreams) : Provides internship programs in both New York and San Francisco.

   New York Internships : As a global center of business, New York City provides incredible resume-building opportunities for students seeking to work in almost any industry. And since it's the city that never sleeps, participants from around the world discover what it means to work hard and play hard, as the city offers more than a lifetime of entertainment options. Whether you're looking to get a taste of what life is like in New York or you're looking to pursue a full-time career there, a summer in the New York City program is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

   San Francisco is a city for everyone. The city and surrounding Bay Area are international centers of both big business and entrepreneurship, providing incredible internship opportunities of any kind. San Francisco is a city thriving with culture and counterculture that gives students a chance to take in an environment different from that of any other American city.

  • University of Dreams Inc. was founded in February of 2000. In 2001 we hosted our first program at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley, California. Since then, we have added programs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London. This summer we will add programs in San Francisco and Barcelona and have future plans to add many more in some of the most attractive cities in the world. Enrollment in the University of Dreams programs has grown by 930% in the six years since we began
    proof that students are having fantastic experiences and are spreading the word about University of Dreams.

Target Corporation - Internships Bring your unique background and extraordinary ideas to work, and let Target help shape your future. Develop the leadership skills and business knowledge you need to enhance your career. Work at one of the nation's most innovative and successful fashion retailers. Work in a team environment designed to promote and reward individuality, innovation, leadership and strong business results. Become part of their fast, fun and friendly culture.

In the intern section you will find some apparel industry internships but you will also find regular jobs that are not internships.  In the opinion of Apparel Search, we think internships are a wonderful way to learn the industry.  However, we also think having a job that will pay you as you learn will be even more beneficial.

* please check with the listed apparel companies for the most current information regarding the fashion career internship programs.  The information in this section may NOT be the most current.  You will need to contact the companies directly for exact details and requirements of their internship programs.

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