Best Textiles International Co.,Ltd

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Best Textiles International Co.,Ltd
No.44 ,Chengde Street Tianjin 300041 China
Phone: 86 22 27111758 or 86 22 27111518 Fax: 86 22 27122666  Contact: Lingjiu Kong

They mainly manufacture 100% cotton poplin and twill polyester/cotton poplin and twill Polyester/rayon poplin and twill Corduroy, Denim, stretch fabrics

Fabric Classification: Woven

Fabric 1:  Canvas
Fabric 2:  Corduroy
Fabric 3:  Crepe
Fabric 4:  Denim
Fabric 5:  Drill
Fabric 6:  Flannel
Fabric 7:  Greige Fabric
Fabric 8:  Poplin
Fabric 9:  Printed Fabrics
Fabric 10: Yarn Dyed
Fabric 11: Stretch

Fiber 1:  cotton
Fiber 2:  wool
Fiber 3:  polyester
Fiber 4:  rayon
Fiber 5:  silk
Fiber 6:  tencel
Fiber 7:  cashmere
Fiber 8:  linen
Fiber 9:  ramie

Weight Capabilities:

100gsm to 40gsm

Width Capabilities:

38" to 120"




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