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TEL : 92-21-5064468 & 92-21-5068739 FAX : 92-21- 5057490 & 92-21- 7726001

MOBILE : 92-300-8234004 EMAIL :

We are a specialized Knitted Fabric Manufacturer and Exporter in Pakistan. We manufacturer and sell our Knitted Fabric to local and international consumer and knitted articles Producers.

We are very much well aware of the characteristic and behavior of Knitted Fabric especially Jerseys, Ribs, Piques, Fleece, Jersey Spandex, Rib Spandex, Flat Back Rib, Interlock and other basic fabrics in 100% Cotton, Poly Cotton, Melange and Heather Greige Yarn.

  • Jerseys
  • Ribs
  • Piques
  • Fleece
  • Interlock

We are also well versed about the Length of yarn fed per stitch into the machine and outcome of the fabric with variety of stitch Length in different fabrics and are also aware of the courses and wales in the finished fabric have impact on grams/m2 and shrinkage.

We are well aware of the weight of each stitch and tightness factor of each stitch.

We are also aware of the characteristically requirement of the finished fabric in terms of shrinkage, twisting factor ( controlled by the tightness of the fabric using appropriate count of yarn with appropriate TPI of yarn and with appropriate rotation of machine and appropriate number of yarn fed per round ) crocking, fastness in reactive dyeing, printing etc.

In short you can be sure of that we can supply you regularly consistent quality as per internationally acceptable standards of finishing, dyeing, printing, and knitting and not to mention the quality of yarn in terms of evenness and contamination.

We are reliable and reputable in Pakistan with 9 years of experience in Knitted Fabric only and are practically reliable in delivery times / consistent quality if we commit to you and of course most importantly very competitive in prices.

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