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Learn about cotton fibers.

Cotton prices are tracked carefully because cotton is used for textiles and apparel, but it is also a commodity that is traded by the financial industry.  If you are a member of the fashion industry, financial industry, or an investor, it is a good idea to keep your eye on cotton price trends.  Below you will find a few links that may help with your pricing investigation.

Cotton Prices - NCCA / National Cotton Council of America 

Cotton Prices

NYMEX (CME Group) - cotton prices

Cotton Inc. Daily Cotton Prices

Index Mundi

Cotton Price News - Chinatexnet

India Raw Cotton Prices (Office of the Textile Commissioner - India)

India Cotton Pricing News - EmergingTextiles 

The Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) is the first experimental futures market approved by the State Council. Being one of the four futures exchanges in China, the ZCE is under the vertical management of China Securities Regulatory Commission.
Cotton prices have an obvious effect on future traders as well as the clothing industry.
Learn more about cotton at the Plains Cotton Cooperative Association and learn more about cotton.

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