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Finding a good fabric store is not always the easiest task.  Although we do NOT promise that the retailers you will find from the below resources are "good", you will at least have the opportunity to view numerous stores selling fabric.  You can then make your own determination if they are good or not.

When reading fabric store descriptions on fabric websites, please understand that each store will present themselves by saying something like "we are the best", or "we are the leading", or "we are number one".  Also, some directories, will change the "we" to "they" so it sounds more like a review from the directory.  Most likely the "we are the best" or "they are the best" statement does NOT mean they are actually the "best".  It is very possible that they are the best, but it is not simply because they made that statement.  You must do your own research and investigation.

Here are a few places to find fabric stores so that you may begin your research:

Fabric Stores (Apparel Search) : this is a directory of fabric stores developed by the Apparel Search Company.

Fashiondex : is a textile and apparel resource that sell guides (books, CD's, etc.).  Some of which contain information regarding fabric stores. 

Fabric.com : Fabric.com is the place to go if you sew. They are a leading online fabric store. Originally, Phoenix Textiles Group, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Stephen Friedman, as a wholesale distributor of apparel fabrics. In 1999 Phoenix Textiles went online to test the concept of selling cut-yardage fabrics directly to consumers. Today, that company is known as Fabric.com.



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