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Being a "famous" fashion designer is very different than being a "good" fashion designer.  In summary, the word famous means being known about by many people.  It is very possible to be famous for creating hideous clothing, footwear, or accessories.

Here are a few famous fashion designers:

Is fame a necessity for a successful fashion designer?  No, some fashion designers design clothing that does not utilize their name.  Often the brand becomes more famous than the designer.

What is an eponymous label?  This is when the fashion designer utilizes their own name as the brand.

We suggest that instead of looking for a list of Famous fashion designers, you make your own determinations.

Find fashion designers so that you can figure out which you enjoy the most.

In your opinion, who is the most famous fashion designer?  Your answer may include living as well as non-living designers from the past.  If you can't decide on the absolute most famous, you are welcome to list your top choices.
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Deciding on the most famous fashion designers is simply too subjective.