LA Fashion: Guide to LA Fashion for the Fashion Industry and Consumers

LA Fashion Industry

LA fashion is important to both the garment industry as well as to consumers.

Fashion Industry in Los Angeles

The LA Fashion scene is rather unique. Unlike many other major fashion cities, Los Angeles has the "Hollywood factor" which needs to be considered. Certainly, celebrities live and work in various cities around the world. However, the proximity of Hollywood is certainly a huge potential asset to clothing companies in and around Los Angeles. It is hard to find another fashion hub with such an important asset within reach.

Due to the fact that the celebrity factor is turned up a notch around Los Angeles, the LA market may need to consider their ultimate target market (consumers) as well as celebrities when planning their collection, marketing, etc. It is important to keep in mind the fact that if a celebrity wears a particular designers clothing, it is often seen as an endorsement. Regardless of whether or not the celebrity intended to provide an endorsement is not really relevant. If a designer has a photo of an a-list celeb wearing their product, that is certainly beneficial ammunition to use when promoting the brand to retail buyers. Although a celebrity endorsement is not required to assure a fashion companies success, it certainly can not hurt (unless that celebrity is caught doing something REALLY stupid). Anyway, if you work in the LA fashion district, calculating celebrity endorsements into the mix is certainly something worth the time and consideration.

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According to the Discover Los Angeles website, "The LA Fashion District is perhaps the premier shopping destination in Los Angeles for its bargains and trend-setting fashion. It wasn't always popular and for understandable reasons. The numbers alone were somewhat intimidating: 90 blocks, 4,500 apparel and accessory lines, more than 1,000 stores. For some, it was like trying to find the best fashion stores in Milan." The Discover Los Angeles website goes on to state, "Make no mistake: you won't find any chain stores here. And it's not shopping for the faint-hearted. In fact, the atmosphere at the LA Fashion District adds to the shopping experience, particularly with the bazaar-like sights and sounds of Santee Alley, the district's open-air market. For the uninitiated, it can be a shock to your shopping senses". Now, doesn't this sound exciting. To me, this sounds like a wonderful shopping opportunity.

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Also, don't forget to check out the City's Best website for some who they rank as the best fashion boutiques in Los Angeles. We did not do the judging, so I can not promise you that those are the absolute best boutiques in LA.

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