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garmentoFashion is a glamorous industry of beautiful people, right? GARMENTO tells the other side of the story through a dark and comical look beneath the seams of NYC's rag business. Industry insider Michele Maher reveals an absurd world where shady dealings and ruthlessness are fashionable, setting the trend for corporate America.

Poncho Ramirez is considered one of the greatest American designers of the twentieth century. But in 1993 his fashion house, Poncho Ramirez Inc., is now near bankruptcy due to a failed product line. Rival company Romeo Jeans, a has-been brand desperate to revive its reputation, seizes the opportunity to rescue Poncho's company from financial doom and proposes an offer that can't be refused.

Although these rivals beg to differ in style and taste, everybody shares one thing in common - making money. The result of this joint venture is a clash of characters and a new jeans line. PR Jeans is introduced to the public with an obscene advertising campaign, stimulating controversy in the media and a buying frenzy among America's teenagers. Sales skyrocket, launching the company into overnight financial success and its executives on a mission to take the company public. In their desperate reach for crucial quarterly numbers, company insiders scheme to protect the millions of dollars at stake.

Backstabbing and foul play reveal a world of greed and power where some people get what's coming to them and others don't. GARMENTO is a wickedly amusing satire of everything from the infamous designer jeans craze of the 70s to the real-life tales of corruption inside the world of fashion taken from today's headlines.

Shot on NYC's 7th Avenue, GARMENTO was an official selection for the SXSW Film Festival 2002 and the Hollywood Film Festival 2002. Written and directed by Michele Maher and stars David Thornton, Katie MacNichol, Jerry Grayson and Saundra Santiago. The film is rated R and runs 87 minutes. 

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