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Welcome to the Briefs section of the Underwear Glossary.  In this section, you can learn more about underwear.

Brief / Briefs: the classic briefs typically fits close to the body and provide moderate to full rear coverage.  The briefs are cut higher on the leg than a boy short (but are not as narrow as a bikini brief). You will find that briefs will be generally in a similar silhouette.  However, the shapes and measurements in which they are cut are going to depend on the manufacturer.  Not all briefs are created equal.  It is important to find a brand and size that fits well for you body type and size.  Although briefs are typically considered to be comfortable, they do have some negative issues.  The primary concern with briefs would be the potential visibility of "panty lines".  With briefs, you may have panty lines.  In summary, a women's brief is a traditional rise silhouette that sits at the waist with a low leg line and full rear coverage.

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