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straitjacket: If you do not love, you belong in one.  Used as a devise to constrain the wearer.  Often used on people that are out of control, crazy, lost their marbles.

strappy sandal one of the oldest styles of sandle (some believe dating back to the stone age).  The sandal has several thin straps and a heal.

strike-off  a test length of fabric specially printed in order to check the pattern registration, pattern repeat and the matching shades in the design.

strophium an early bra worn in ancient Rome.

suede process of raising fibers on the hide to give a velvet nap effect.  Also, a specialty ink  (plastisol) that gives your print designs a leather-like feel.  You can find this ink at Union Ink company.

suit fabrics fabric used to make suits.

suitings suit fabrics.

sweep: you will see this measurement most commonly found on coats or jackets. The sweep is the circumference of the bottom hem of a skirt, dress, coat, or jacket. For a jacket or coat, measure the sweep across the bottom hem from open edge to open edge. For a skirt or dress, measure the sweep by laying the garment flat with seams matched, measure end to end, then double. Learn more about how to measure relevant issues.

sweetheart bustA type of bust line used to describe a garment -instead of collar type, because of the lack of a collar- when the bust line is shaped like the top of a heart (heart as in symbol, not organ). Commonly found in formal dresses from the 1950's.  Definition and image provided to Apparel Search by Miss Master's Closet.

sweetheart bustline - image for Apparel Search Glossary

Swing tickets are simply small cards with a hole drilled through the top.  They are attached to garments typically with swift tacs.  Swing tickets can be used for adding prices to garments (also called price tickets).

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