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Fujian SBS Zipper Science and Technology Co. Ltd

Fujian SBS is China's largest zipper manufacturer, producing about 948 million meters each year. The company has been producing zippers for more than 20 years, and its in-house SBS brand is widely recognized across the country.

Seventy percent of the company's shipments carry the SBS label, and the rest are produced for OEM clients such as Decathlon, adidas, Disney and Kappa.

The ISO 9002 and ISO 14000-certified company has production bases in Quanzhou and Shanghai, and exports to more than 40 countries worldwide. The United States absorbs 30 percent of zipper exports, the European Union 26 percent and the rest are shipped to countries in Asia and the Middle East.

Fujian SBS has a vertically integrated facility where nearly all production processes from mold development to monofilamenting, diecasting, painting, electroplating, tape weaving, stitching, bleaching and dyeing are done.

Fujian SBS exports finished zippers and chains, and buyer-specified sliders and accessories. The zippers are used for garments, outdoor equipment, bags, footwear and home furnishing.

The company produces all zipper types, nylon accounting for the bulk of exports with a 53 percent share. Metal zippers come second with 26 percent, and plastic zippers make up 21 percent.

Prices depend on the size, materials and length. Metal types are the most expensive, and nylon versions are the cheapest.

Zipper tapes are woven from nylon, cotton and polyester using yarns sourced from Taiwan and Hong Kong. For nylon zippers, some monofilaments are made in-house, but most are imported from Taiwan. The teeth of metal versions are made from copper, nickel and brass, and these are imported from South Korea, because they are of better quality.

Fujian SBS has more than 5,000 automatic-production machines capable of producing 83 million meters of zippers monthly. Its production area is divided into die-casting, nylon, plastic and finished zipper sections with workshops for mold making, dyeing, bleaching and electroplating.

The Global Sources team toured the 150,000sqm Quanzhou plant, which is equipped with 150 die-casting machines of different capacities, used in the production of pull tabs, sliders and boxes. There are 2,000 automatic weaving machines imported from Taiwan and the EU, along with hundreds of zipper finishing machines for gapping, stripping, trimming, cutting and top/bottom stop setting.

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Company Facts  
Year established 1984
Head office location Quanzhou (Fujian)
Business Type Privately owned
Direct exporter Yes
Factory location(s) Quanzhou (Fujian), Shanghai
Total factory area 150,000 sqm
Number of full-time employees 5,800
Total annual sales (all products)
Annual R&D spending US$1.98m
R&D % of sales
ISO certified Yes
OEM % of exports 30%
Total annual sales
Share of total sales
Annual export sales
Export sales growtn +30%
Total monthly capacity 83,000,000 meters
Average monthly output 79,000,000 meters
Capacity utilized 95%
Average monthly exports 27,600,000 meters
Export Ratio 35%
Major OEM customers Decathlon (France)

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China exported over US$207 million worth of zippers and parts from January to October 2004, an increase of 23% over the same period in 2003.

China-made zippers are known for their low prices. However, suppliers are finding it difficult to compete on price alone and are moving to midrange and high-end products.

This comprehensive industry analysis will help you take advantage of the sourcing opportunities presented by these enhancements in quality, function and design.

With profiles of 15 first-tier manufacturers and 55 other major suppliers from China, plus a comprehensive industry overview, you'll have a head start on pre-qualifying those producers that best meet your needs.

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