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China's zippers and parts industry has been growing an average 18 percent for the past five years. At US$207.7 million, exports from January to October 2004 are up 23 percent over the same period in the previous year. Finished and semifinished zippers account for 79 percent of shipments and the rest are zipper parts. About 15 percent of the staggering 21.2 billion meters of annual zipper output is exported, while the rest is sold to domestic manufacturers and exporters.

Although low-end products still dominate output and exports, intense competition in this highly mechanized industry is pushing many large and well-established suppliers to midrange and high-end zipper production.

The following are some of the key trends we see in China's zippers export manufacturing industry:

Export growth for finished and semi-finished zippers, in terms of value, is expected to remain at 25 percent in 2005, but domestic sales are expected to surge as garment exports from China increase, following quota elimination.
Suppliers moving up-market are improving the quality, design and function of new zippers. These makers are releasing zippers with multicolor or zircon-inlaid teeth, patterned tape and customized sliders and pull tabs.
These suppliers will also be using more imported or branded materials, despite higher costs, because of the significant improvements they bring to zipper performance and durability.
The majority will be raising prices by at least 10 percent in response to higher material and operating costs. Prices have already risen in 2004, but most makers have to inflate them further this year because raw material costs continue to increase.
Many suppliers are improving production efficiency to minimize wastage from defective zippers and cut operational costs. Some of the midsize and large companies are automating some or all production processes to improve efficiency.

China suppliers produce nylon/polyester, Delrin/plastic and metal zippers for export. Nylon dominates exports accounting for more than half of total shipments.

The Products & Prices section in this report explains the differences between low-end, mid range and high-end zippers in each product category. The Manufacturing module describes the production processes for each type and the international quality standards followed by China suppliers.

The China zipper export manufacturing industry is comprised of 200 small to large enterprises, 40 percent of which have direct export capability. Sixty percent of these suppliers are private locally owned, 20 percent are private foreign-owned, 15 percent are joint-ventures, and only a few are state-owned.

The 70 suppliers featured in this report reflect the industry: 80 percent are private locally owned, 18 percent are private foreign-owned or invested, and the rest are state-owned.

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China exported over US$207 million worth of zippers and parts from January to October 2004, an increase of 23% over the same period in 2003.

China-made zippers are known for their low prices. However, suppliers are finding it difficult to compete on price alone and are moving to midrange and high-end products.

This comprehensive industry analysis will help you take advantage of the sourcing opportunities presented by these enhancements in quality, function and design.

With profiles of 15 first-tier manufacturers and 55 other major suppliers from China, plus a comprehensive industry overview, you'll have a head start on pre-qualifying those producers that best meet your needs.

  Suppliers: 70  Products: 141  Pages: 104  Published: Feb 05  Price: US$395
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