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Distribution and Transportation Logistics

Supply Chain Execution.

Due to our vendor independence, Apparel Search Logistics is able to offer unbiased world class supply chain execution services to our clients on a global basis. We focus on delivering the right mix of vendor solutions that meet the business objectives for short-term goals and long-term strategies of our clients. These vendor solutions include transportation providers, distribution facilities, and other complimentary services that are relevant to our clients.

Managing transportation on behalf of a client. This may involve utilizing the client's rates and/or rates that been negotiated for aggregated volumes.

Managing warehousing on behalf of a client. This is available in client owned and/or third parties facilities.

Operating a dedicated fleet of vehicles to support operations.

Other value added services: Quality inspection or testing of materials, modification, packaging, assembly, light manufacturing, kitting, repairs management, etc.


Supply Chain Optimization.
 Matching supply chain design to critical customer and business design requirements. Optimization allows Apparel Search Logistics to efficiently manage cost, service levels, resources and other constraints.

Consolidating multiple shipments in to larger ones to reduce cost, handling and improve service. This can be done within an organization or across organizations.

Studies to increase warehouse space utilization. Warehouses tend to get
over time leading to decreases in space utilized.

Studies to improve space utilization in transportation. Shipment constraints are weight and
(the physical space occupied by product). Weight and cube have to be balanced to ensure optimal utilization of transportation resources.


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