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We typically remove companies from our website if their website links are no longer functioning properly.  However, we decided that some companies deserve a second chance.  The history of some of these companies should not simply be wiped away.  Even if they are now out of business, it would be nice to know which clothing & textile companies have existed.  It is very possible that some of these companies are still in business, but maybe their website address changed or the business changed name, location, phone, etc.

This section of the site is a temporary graveyard of companies for which we have lost contact.

It is very possible that these companies are out of business, but we are not certain.

If you find your company below, you are welcome to let us know and we can possibly re-instate your business into the proper section of our site.

We are removing the original website address & contact information that we had on record from the listings below.  If you know the proper contact information for any of these companies you are welcome to let us know.

fashion directory  Angelo Russica: They are a fashion consulting office from Milan for design collection , buying office made in Italy fashion.  Address: Milan, Italy

fashion directory  Bear Paper & Trim, Inc.: they sell all pattern making and sewing supplies, i.e., green and white pattern paper, dotted marking paper, muslin, plotter paper. Zippers, elastic, thread, scissors, ruler - all pattern making supplies. They have been in the garment center for over 30 years. They currently do business in the USA and worldwide. 

fashion directory  The Color Box: is one of the foremost color forecasting and design service in America.   Their staff researches and evaluates information gathered in the United States and Europe, and then develops comprehensive color and design stories specifically for the American fashion market.  Four forecasts per year assure their subscribers of a constant flow of directional colors, certain to spark the creative instincts that help keep their products looking fresh and exciting.  The color box is also a full service design studio.  Their professional staff of artists and CAD operators are available to design, develop, and recolor any knit/print/woven pattern you require.  They also create graphics, original illustrations, minibodies, and presentation boards.  Address: New York, NY

fashion directory  Creative Pattern and Sample: Expert Pattern Design Service 1st Patterns, Grades & Marker, Production Patterns Spec Sheets, Showroom Samples, Mock ups Sewing, Sample Making, Pattern Corrections Design Consultation, Prototype, Fittings Swimwear, Jeans, Dresses, Suits, Lingerie & more Specializing in Quality Crafted Patterns Creative Pattern & Sample.   

fashion directory  Design Girl Studio: Design Girl Studio (DGS) is a full service graphic design studio specializing in visual communications and graphic design for the fashion and related industries. Design Girl organizes ideas visually to convey a desired impact and message to enhances a clients image, service or product.

fashion directory  Design Online: a one-stop repository and gathering place for creative professionals with sophisticated needs, Design Online 2.0 continues to offer a wide selection of graphics-related resources.

fashion directory  Designer Resource International: They are recruiters in the fashion industry specializing in the placement of designers full time and freelance.  Address: New York, NY 10123 USA

fashion directory  GretagMacbeth, Inc.: is a color systems and software company whose purpose is to quantify, communicate, and simulate color and provide color solutions to all markets for which color is mission critical, for the benefit of our customers and stakeholders.  Macbeth: Total Color Solutions.  produces a broad range of color specification books and color standards for selecting, communicating, identifying, managing and controlling color. These products are used worldwide in industry, art and science.  The Munsell Books of Color are color reference guides used for color selection and communication. For an exact match to the color of your products, logos or packaging, Munsell can develop custom color standards, plastic standards and texture standards. Munsell can also develop special purpose standards, such as gray scales and calibration targets to meet your specific application. Other products from Munsell include the ColorChecker color rendition chart used in photographic, graphic arts and television and the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test for color vision and color discrimination testing.

fashion directory  Investronica Sistemas SA / Invescol: Advanced CAD, CAM and CIM solutions and systems for the apparel, upholstery, car, aeronautics and related industries.  INVESTRONICA SISTEMAS  is a Spanish company created in 1980, specializing in the development of CAD design tools (Computer Assisted Design), CAM systems (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) and CIM projects (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) for the apparel and upholstery industries, as well as for others such as automobile, aeronautics, etc.   The Company currently has Delegations and Distributors in over 50 countries, while INVESTRONICA CAD, CAM and CIM systems are present at over 6.000 client sites around the world and in all five continents. 

fashion directory  Johnny's Fashion Studio Pattern Service, Sample Developing & Making Service, Fitting & Technical Design Service, Product Development Consultant, One Stop Full Operation Samples to Production.   Basically they are a sample room that has 4 pattern makers and 30 sewing machine operators and cutting table.  Most of their clients come to them with a sketch of their design concept and they develop the pattern and make a sample.  When this sample is approved by the client, they proceed to grading & marking for their final production. They are capable of helping with all of those procedures from the first to the end.

fashion directory  Malley Design: Malley Design is a pattern making specialty business located in Niwot, Colorado. He has over 35 years in the apparel and outdoor products manufacturing industry. He specialize in technically precise patterns made on the PAD System software. Jeff is experienced with men's and women's apparel and outerwear, maternity, children's wear, handbags, backpacks and sleeping bags. He works from just sketches, samples or previous paper patterns.  

fashion directory  Master Pattern:  Saremy Graves has 15 years of pattern and design experience and specialise in Start-up companies and Technical Outerwear.  She offer patterns (traditional or CAD), grading, design, prototyping and sourcing.


Pattern Drafting

Grading (Sizing)

Specification Sheets


fashion directory  Next Trim : Next Trim is an online subscription service (they don't sell any trim) that keeps track of what all major fashion brands are doing with their trim, labeling and marketing design. They have a global team that collects and shows images of the best new designs for trim and apparel detailing (pocket designs, sewing treatments, decorations etc.) and catalogs them through the web site. They also track all of the trends in apparel trim and packaging, as well as the newest ideas and concepts. They add hundreds of new items every week fresh from the largest as well as most innovative brands from Europe, the US and Japan. Their service is a way for your designers, merchandisers and marketers to stay on top of the latest and best in the world of fashion trim without leaving their desks - they bring it all to you. Their service is of value to anyone involved with apparel design, merchandising, labeling and marketing design as well as trim specification and purchasing.  Address: Palisades, CA

fashion directory  Nicole Pascal Motivational Designs: the design and creative boutique headed by French trendsetter Nicole Pascal offers an exclusive line of graphic designs that empower a person by changing moods and behavior for the better. Nicole Pascal Motivational Designs have already found application in textiles, fashion, accessories, home decorating, and anywhere else one has a surface where they can be printed, woven, stenciled, or painted.  Address: California, USA

fashion directory  Perfect Fit: Pattern making, Sample making, Alterations, Design and Small Production. Works with skirts, dresses, pants, shirts, Bridal dresses, Suits, and all men's and women's clothing.

fashion directory  Rosa's Apparel & Manufacturer: they are a women's clothing manufacturer they sale wholesale, retail and they do contract service also private label to other manufacturer. They also provide a computer pattern maker and maker service.  Address: Seattle, Washington, USA 

fashion directory  SIMANDY SRL (Romania): Simandy is a modern multimedia outsource in the marketing & consulting field managed by Italian professionals, operating in the clothing sector, articulating its intervention on diverse operative streams such as CAD technology, quality control and research for new clothing garments, accessories and other components.  Simandy is particularly specialized in CAD (Computer Assisted Design) services: pattern making, pattern grading, and marker making. The CAD center is equipped with Investronica Investmark software, five graphic design servers, managed by Romanian specialists and coordinated by an Italian professional. Simandy is highly specialized in woman pret-a-porte design, and is in contact with the best worldwide fashion- houses exclusively using modern communication technology, as the internet, for information and files
exchange. Simandy is in fact an outsource adviser and consultant for on-line specialized clothing product presentation, using the best worldwide data bases, offering the clients constant commercial and technical information. Simandy deals, in particular, with imports and sales of high quality Italian garments. 

fashion directory  Visual Store: retail design and visual merchandising resource.

fashion directory  Xiamen YongHengGuan Industry Co. Ltd.: Water Erasable Pen for garment, patchwork, cross stitch, handicraft, embroidery etc.The write trace can not disappear spontaneously. Easily and quickly erased by water. Air Erasable Pen for Garment / fabric / textile / embroidery temporary marking. It can disappear by itself after 1-7days. Fujian,China


The following companies are most definitely still in business:

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