Shattered Girls Fashion, Shattered But Not Broken
Fashion Article Posted May 30, 2008 

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Most girls from age 8 to 88 have had their heart broken at one time or another by a man. Sometimes the break up is mutual and less hurtful, other times you feel down right shattered! After a few drinks and a couple of endless calls to our most sacred friends, most of us pick up the pieces and glue or sometimes tape our heart back together in hopes of a fresh start and new beginning. Maybe a possible new and improved prince charming will soon be galloping toward our future right behind.

One such woman put her broken heart to good use, for not only herself but for other girlz throughout the country! Debra Waibel was tired of digging her way out of a deep, dark hole of failed romance. She gained her strength and created Shattered Girlz, an apparel and merchandise line with girl power and girl vision.

The line focuses on Dolly Tatume, the main character. This cute, tattooed animation embraces the kick him to the curb mentality, and empowers her to be an independent woman who stands on her own. Monster is her loving canine sidekick and her former boyfriends are reduced to rocker piggys who happen to play in the band the Smashing Pigs.

The collection is the first interactive apparel line and is great for all ages! Ladies just simply write in about their favorite piggy and how he hurt them on the website and some of the letters chosen will be able to be made into Shattered Girlz apparel and merchandise for them and other girlz to enjoy, characters included! Consumers can even decide what Dolly will do next. Should she get her  belly button pierced, take up a new career or do something dreadful to the piggy of their choice.

The line comes in baseball tees, t-shirts, hoodies, panties, mugs, pillows, clock, notebooks and many other items! Plus sizes are available as well. Stay posted for the latest in Shattered Girlz characters as more girlz will be added to the mix, with a creative and vibrant personality and each with their own way of assisting Dolly in her latest pursuit!

Shattered Girlz I can not be broken! For more information or to purchase Shattered Girlz merchandise, including apparel, mugs, notebooks and tees please log onto  

You can learn more from the Shattered Girlz profile at the Fashion Industry Network.

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