Hemtec Keeps Pants From Dragging
Fashion Article Posted August 27, 2009

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William Georges, a top designer and fashion industry veteran, who has worked with over 30 different brands has created a revolutionary new concept for the apparel business. Finally someone has solved the dynamic puzzle imposed by attempting to offer consumers a pant leg length that is both, fitted to their particular body type without the need for tailoring, and is also able to meet their specific dynamic needs. After many years of research and development, Georges has finally created a solution that succeeds both is Form and Function, and is as stylish as it is practical. The solution is patent pending and is the focus of HEMTEC, a new company founded by Georges.

HEMTEC offers a complete design solution to prevent pants from dragging on the ground when the inseam or length is too long. HEMTEC comes to market at a time in the economy when manufactures are looking for new ways to invigorate sales and increase consumer spending. HEMTEC represents forward-thinking solutions to these challenges by adding true value to the end product and focusing on innovation. Innovation drives the economy and HEMTEC is already getting the attention of top couture houses and billion-dollar mega-brands that are getting in line to be a part of this movement. This is a real design revolution for bottoms.


The device, which is destined to quickly become a staple in the marketplace, is patent pending and now available for limited license under the trademark HEMTEC. The HEMTEC rollout will be fairly exclusive initially, and licensing will be limited to 7 million units through 2010. Several exclusive contracts in Men's and Women's have already been established in denim and non-denim, active-wear and athletic apparel. Seven undisclosed brands will feature the hemming device in their pant-driven collections, which will be available in select stores globally by the Holiday 2009 season. Limited licensing is still available at certain price points in the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia depending on fabrication and exact market and use. According to Hemtec, Licensing is expected to grow to 25 million units by 2012.


The world is a diverse, actively dynamic, and uncertain place full of people of all shapes and sizes. In the apparel industry these facts have deep implications for both Form and Function, and they impose a set of very specific challenges to designers and manufactures who specialize in pants and bottoms. Ideal pant length is the premier case in point of this perennial predicament, and it can be affected by a myriad of seemingly simple dynamic factors such as a woman changing from high heels to flats.

These numerous dynamic factors create the perfect storm of uncertainty in forecasting the ever-changing needs of the consumer, and artificially forcing these needs to fit into factory-set manufacturing standards is practically impossible. Custom tailoring is the traditional solution to this challenge, but it is cost prohibitive and unable to address dynamic needs. The simple inescapable conclusion of all of this is that the problem simply goes ignored and unsolved and the consumer is expected to accept poorly fitting garments and pants that are simply too long or too short.

HEMTEC's mandate for existence is to solve this real functional problem, and this is first and foremost what it achieves. The HEMTEC solution however, is finely crafted by a top designer and bound by a strict adherence to extreme standards of aesthetic Form. For the first time, the consumer no longer needs to choose between style and practicality. There have been many attempts to solve this problem of pants dragging on the ground over the years and a sincere desire to provide real value, function, sanity, and security for performance active lifestyles. HEMTEC succeeds where all of them have failed and represents and an unprecedented win in both Form and Function.

The technical specifics of the Hemtec device are not public knowledge at this point, but it can be said that Hemtec gives the consumer an easy way to adjust the inseam and leg opening size of their pants thus adding value to the end product.

Learn more at http://www.hemtechnology.com

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