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Fashion Article Posted March 14, 2009

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Emperial Nation is a collection of men's graphic t-shirts with the mission of preserving history through fashion. So each collection is inspired by a historical event. For S09 they include Gangs of New York, Ottoman Empire, Wild West, French Revolution, Civil War and Harlem Renaissance.

Harlem Renaissance
Date: 1920-1940
Location: New York City

The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural movement centered in Harlem, NYC. This movement was fueled by the emerging African American middle class created by job opportunities during World War I. With this movement came the acceptance in mainstream America, of African Americans contributing to music, art, theater, politics and sports.


Developed in 2007 by a group of streetwear connoisseurs, Emperial Nation is dedicated to preserving history through fashion and arts. Observing a demand in the marketplace for meaningful designs, the creators of Emperial Nation sought to infuse landmark historical moments into their aesthetic, using fashion as a vehicle to enlighten and inspire with the richness of the past.

Bringing together their varied backgrounds and areas of expertise
from overseeing a textile business to running an independent clothing line
the founders of Emperial Nation built the brand on an affinity for fine fabrics, an eye for fit, and an enduring love of history. With ultra-soft, slim-fit tees and evocative designs, Emperial Nation aims to make history wearable.

On a mission to educate through fashion, Emperial Nation has launched six distinctive collections since its inception, each representing a watershed event or influential period in history. In conceptualizing each line, Emperial Nation draws on historical events that have shaped the current world order and maintain a special relevance to the way we live today. From scouring history books to meeting with museum curators, Emperial Nation consistently seeks provocative, enriching subject matter for its collections:

Harlem Renaissance: Inspired by the cultural movement fueled by Harlem's emerging African-american middle class, this collection celebrates the era's contributions to music, art, theater, politics and sports.

Civil War: Called the last of the ancient wars and the first of the modern wars, the American Civil War is represented by tees that mark the end of an era, featuring cannons, generals and soldiers.

French Revolution: The inspiration behind Emperial Nation's guillotine logo and one of history's most vivid periods, Napoleon Bonaparte comes to life in this illustrious collection.

Gangs of New York: Depicting the dangers of New York's notorious Five Points neighborhood in the mid-19th century, the Gangs Of New York collection includes classic gangsters and vintage cars.

Ottoman Empire: Commemorating one of the world's longest empires, this collection illustrates the fall of Constantinople and the popularity of harems and hookahs.

Wild West: From cowboys and Indians to outlaws and buffalo soldiers, the Wild West represents one of America's most colorful eras. The collection highlights some of the period's major players, from Billy the Kid to John Salmon "Rip" Ford.

Retailers: EmperialNation.com, World, Training Camp  Retail Prices: $37-$41 dollars

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