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  Dust Factory Vintage Wholesale: Dust Factory Vintage Wholesale is based out of San Diego, California, and was born out of a simple necessity. While operating their first vintage store, the founders felt the need to keep an abundant selection of top quality vintage clothing on hand to keep their wide array of customers happy. Unable to manufacture an authentic vintage product a new concept was born. The concept behind Dust Factory grew to offer retail customers not only vintage clothing, but the best quality vintage clothing available in the market. For the retailer, this saved hours upon hours of searching and allowed them to offer their customers simply the best variety of products out there. The way Dust Factory operates began changing the techniques in the vintage industry and began truly setting the standard of how the industry works.

  NIH Enterprises: NIH Enterprises is a leading Canadian distributor of vintage and used clothing. This family owned business purchases second hand clothing by the trailer load. An experienced staff of 80 people then sort and grade the clothing according to its condition.  Address:  135 Commander Blvd. Toronto, Ontario MIS 3M7 Phone: (416) 299-3631 Fax: (416 299-4207

  NY Vintage: Whether you're interested in hand-picking amazing vintage clothing from their Showroom, carrying their Reconstruction line of custom designs, or need shipments of graded bulk merchandise, the Wholesale division at What Comes Around Goes Around can accommodate any kind of retail business, anywhere in the world.  SHOWROOM 13 - 17 Laight Street, Suite 28 Fifth Floor New York, NY 10013 212-274-8340 By Appointment Only.

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