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Fashion Article Posted September 18, 2009

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Unfortunately, chargeback's are a reality in the fashion industry.  It is time you learned more about them.

2 Distinct Workshops focusing on where you are and Where you want to be...

Manufacturers of all sizes face a common challenge when dealing with chargebacks. This Workshop addresses those challenges on two different levels. In this current economic environment, it's even more important for companies to retain more of each and every dollar. Retailers are becoming more aggressive and creative because of a greater need to protect gross margins. It is imperative that companies equip their employees with the latest information, tools and strategies to protect the bottom line.

Creating Value for the CHAOS

Stop giving your profits away! Learn key concepts and relevant techniques that help create "Value" from deductions regardless of validity. These days you have to do more work in less time. So whether you decide to take one session or both - you will take these ideas back to your workplace and initiate changes that are sure to make an immediate impact.

Workshop Schedule:

November 10th, 2009 -  CHARGEBACKS 101:

1:00PM - 5:00PM

Presented for people who are new to or want to enhance their existing knowledge of chargebacks.

-      Learn about chargebacks - what they are and why they happen

-      Basic tracking & reporting

-      Learning what differentiates between people that just work chargebacks and those that make chargebacks work for them

-      The undeniable value of creating and maintaining relationships

-      Special Session: How to begin or enhance a relationship with the Major Department/chain Stores


1:00PM - 5:00PM

Developing skills that give "C" level management the Key Performance Indicators it needs to make critical financial decisions. Special sessions focus on issues that affect profitability

-       Moving beyond simply tracking, working and collecting Chargebacks

-       Creating "recognized value" -"When can a chargeback be a "good" thing?"

-       Developing reports that analyze profitability, root cause & performance

-       Establishing department accountability & corporate transparency

-       Special Session 1:  EDI/aSN, routing & compliance chargebacks.

-       Special Session 2: Retail Math

All Seminars will be hosted by the CHARGEBACK MANAGEMENT GROUP.

Seminar arranged by Fashion Biz.

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