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What is a handbag?  A handbag which can also be called purse in North American English, is a handled medium-to-large bag used to carry personal items.  The need to organize one's belongings is universal, thus handbags exist in differing forms in cultures around the world.  They are used for the purpose of carrying our belongings, but also utilized as fashion statements.

What is a designer handbag?  Handbag design is the art of applying design, aesthetics and natural beauty to handbags.  Designers conduct research on fashion trends and interpret them for their audience.  When popular designers lend their name to their brand, those bags can become designer handbags (designer brand handbags can exist with out using the actual designers name).  When discussing designer handbags, they are generally more costly because more time and expensive elements go into the development.

As a fashion accessory, handbags can be categorized according to the silhouette of the bag, as well as the type of handle.

Women's designer handbags

According to type of handle, handbags are often categorized as: Tote, cross-body, sling bag, shoulder bag or clutch.

Make sure to select the proper designer handbag for your body type.

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