Do Children Really Need to be in Weddings?
Fashion Article Posted May 25, 2010

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Marg Hyland, President of Pegeen®.com and its head designer, has been walking down the aisle with brides since 1982.  She says one trend, due to the current economic environment, is to reduce wedding expenses.  And, unfortunately, in some of the wrong ways.

            "Many couples and families in today's environment find it necessary to cut wedding expenses," says Hyland.  "One way NOT to do so is by eliminating the children who have traditionally been an important focus as part of the wedding party.  At Pegeen®.com, we work with brides almost every day of every year and they soon realize that excluding children would be a mistake, at least until all other necessary cost-saving changes have been made." 

Here are just a few reasons why:

1.    Throughout history, children have participated in wedding parties as part of both immediate and extended families.  As early as Roman times, young girls attending the bride and groom carried herbs and wheat as symbols of prosperity and fertility.  The participation of children has come to be expected in today's ceremonies.  Their presence lends not only a traditional flair to the nuptials but also complements those in attendance of the betrothed who gather for one of life's most important passages. 

2.    With so many blended families today, having children actively participate in the ceremony helps cement ties between multiple families establishing new familial relationships as a result of the new union.    

3.    Having a child as one of the attendants, when the relationship to the wedding party is appropriate, can actually help cut costs due to a lesser expense than that of an adult attendant.  In addition, the younger attendant can help guide and monitor the flower girls, ring bearers, etc. before and during the ceremony.  This is now a popular trend in certain areas of Europe and we're beginning to see it in the U.S. for the same reasons.

     After almost 30 years in the fashion business, designing made-to-order formal wear for babies and children for weddings, religious events, cotillions, and other special occasions, there's not much Hyland hasn't been asked.  And little about which she hasn't provided sound advice for small, large, destination, theme, very formal, and more casual weddings of all sizes, in all 50 states and in many areas of Europe. 

     Some of the most helpful of that advice is that children should be dressed in age appropriate attire and not as "little adults."  Pegeen®.com has hundreds of styles and colors from which to choose for babies and children of all sizes and both genders, and the fabrics can be selected and purchased to match or complement the rest of the bridal party, at a very reasonable cost. 

     Pegeen®.com's most popular styles begin at only $150 (a couture line is also available), while the quality, workmanship and fit are exceptional AND GUARANTEED.  This is why so much of Hyland's business has always been from referrals since these high quality services are virtually impossible to find at these prices.  Just as importantly, Pegeen®.com makes it easy to create appropriate attire for plus size or other hard-to-fit children at very reasonable costs which can be almost impossible as many brides, sadly, have learned.

     But that's the success behind Pegeen®.com where wedding planners, brides, and other wedding participants can shop online, 24-7, and talk by phone or chat online with Hyland almost any day of any week.

     Go to Pegeen®.com and see for yourself the difference that can make much of your wedding planning easier, more fun, less stressful and less expensive, while being treated to Hyland's expert advice and common sense.  You'll also benefit from her extensive background in "all things weddings." 

     You won't be disappointed.

ABOUT Pegeen®

Headquartered in Orlando, FL, Pegeen® has been involved in creating beautiful, made-to-order yet affordable formal wear for babies and children (including plus size and hard-to-fit) since 1982. We remain true to our founding mission providing factory direct, couture quality clothing at affordable prices.  Every piece of clothing is made in our local factory, and our testimonial page shows how pleased our customers are with Pegeen®.

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