Browzwear Develops New Software Features, Promoting Better Collaboration in the Fashion Industry
Fashion Technology Article Posted January 8, 200


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Browzwear International, the pioneer of 3D fashion design and communication software, today unveils V-stitcher(TM) 4.2, the newest version of its 3D fashion design application. By improving fabric simulation and adding new features, including 3D notes and custom camera angles, Browzwear delivers superior creative freedom and better collaboration capabilities.

Browzwear's software is unique in its ability to simulate real-life fabric draping in real time. The new intuitive collaboration features empower designers, pattern makers, retailers, brands and manufacturers, promoting better communication throughout the entire design process. V-stitcher 4.2 also delivers faster and more lifelike simulation than ever before, introducing a smocking effect for loose fitting garments, new hairstyles, a new anatomically accurate baby avatar and big-size woman avatar.

"The increasing demands of the fashion and textile industries for solutions that would bridge the communication gap have challenged us, at Browzwear, to create new collaboration tools," says Aviela Sherbu-cohen, Browzwear's CEO. "Browzwear is committed to the advancement of 3D fashion design and communication technology for the 160 industry-leading clients already enjoying this competitive edge, and for those still to come."

V-stitcher(TM), the most advanced fashion design and communication software, integrates conventional design techniques, empowering them with real-time, true-to-life 3D technology. The powerful software infrastructure utilizes the CAD-cAM industry standard, enabling users to create a virtual 3D garment and model it on a customized 3D human figure (avatar). The V-stitcher(TM) is also a communication solution ensuring real-time 3D representation of the garment design at any remote location. As a design and communication integrated solution, V-stitcher optimizes the entire product lifecycle from concept to shelf for cost-effectiveness, time efficiency and flexibility.

Browzwear International develops and manufactures advanced 3D fashion design and communication software for the garment and textile industries. The company, founded in 1999, is headquartered in Tel Aviv. Its vendors distribute its products worldwide to over 160 industry leaders in more than 25 countries. At the core of Browzwear's success is its commitment to the 3D generation of software design solutions, a commitment which led to the development of the first and most powerful real-time 3D engine in the fashion industry.

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