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What is a fashion collection?  A fashion collection is essentially a grouping of outfits and individual garments that fashion designers or clothing companies put together to reflect what they plan to sell for the season.  They typically put the collections together based on their thoughts of upcoming trends for the season.  The designers create the fashion collection based on what they believe should be purchased by their buyers.  It is their thought on the best colors, fabrics, silhouettes etc.

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A collection can be a single category of apparel such as a footwear collection, outwear collection, bridal gown collection etc.  Or it can be an assortment of clothing categories.  Many collection include sportswear, evening wear, and outerwear.

It is not a requirement, but fashion designers generally have at least two collections per year.  One for spring/summer and one for fall/winter.  After the clothing collection is completed a designer will possibly have a fashion show to display the line to buyers, celebrities, and the media.  This often takes place at events such as fashion week.

Below are a few resources to help you find information about various fashion topics including fashion collections from various designers and events.  You should probably also visit our Fashion Week section.

Guardian Fashion News: The latest fashion news, advice and comment from leading industry experts. They report on such issues as the fashion collective brought Champion and Juicy Couture back to the catwalk for its Spring/summer collection.

New York Times Fashion: Ongoing fashion and style news and reviews, along with Bill Cunningham's On the Street, slide shows and other multimedia.

Telegraph Fashion: The latest fashion news, style tips and show reports from Fashion on Telegraph. In depth analysis, advice, photos and videos.

Vogue Fashion Shows: The best in celebrity style, the latest fashion news, and trends on and off the runway.  From established fashion houses to rising stars you can find information about numerous fashion designers.

CNBC Fashion News: video embedded ยท Latest fashion trends, inside scoop on fashion shows, and news on designers, textiles, clothing, and couture markets.

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