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Adaptive Clothing Definition

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fashion directory  Bear Hugs: Medically friendly clothing and medically adapted beds for adults and children.

fashion directory Buck and Buck Designs: Adaptive clothing for home health care and nursing home residents. Adaptive styles of clothing for men & woman.

fashion directory  The Cast Clothing Company: based in Palm Springs, Florida, the Cast Clothing Comapny is one of the few clothing company of its kind that is focused solely on custom adaptive clothing options for individuals who live with a variety of conditions affecting their limbs as well as providing custom adaptive clothing alternatives for individuals who live with any disability or condition whether temporary or permanent.

fashion directory  Comfort Clothing: Adaptive clothing for nursing home and home health care residents, wheelchair users, and people with special clothing needs due to stroke, paralysis, arthritis, Alzheimer's Disease, and other disabilities.

fashion directory  Concept Clothing: Attractive and functional clothing for nursing home residents and those in home health care.

fashion directory  Crea Vie adapted wear: Full line of men's and women's adapted clothing for seniors or people with disabilities.

fashion directory  Creative Designs (Robes 4 You): Robes designed for physically challenged, disabled individuals and wheelchair users. Allows the user to put it on without having to stand up.

fashion directory  Diamond Patterns Geriatric Clothing: Clothing for those with difficulty in getting dressed. Specialty clothing for men, women and children.

fashion directory  Easy Access Clothing  Products have been chosen to increase your independence, maintain your dignity, and LOOK and FEEL GOOD. The name EASY ACCESS came from my belief that everyone should be able to access the life they want.  Easy access products and clothing for people with special needs.

fashion directory  Economizers Clothing: they specialize in adaptive wear clothing as well as regular sportswear and hard to find sizes.  They feel they have come up with a superior clothing line that will stand up to the rigors of commercial laundering.  They offer fast shipping, at low cost to the consumer.  They have a huge inventory, that allows them to get the order and pack it the same day.  Economizers Clothing has been in business for over three decades, and was founded by Glenn Mustonen.  It is located at 6133 Green Road, Fenton, MI 48430. The companies phone number is 800-642-4153, and the fax number is 517-548-9624. email:

fashion directory  Finally It Fits: Clothing for people with disabilities, seniors, and those that do not like buttons.

fashion directory  Honey Bear Hollow: Mittens designed for the whole family but made especially for the handicapped and elderly.  They promote full range of motion.  No matter how disabled the hand is, the mittens will fit with comfort and warmth.  Address:  PO Box 35 South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075  USA  Phone:  (413)534-9500 or (413)540-9345 Email: Contact: April Was, Owner

fashion directory  Honor Guard: Garment that protects dignity during personal care.

fashion directory  it's a snap, inc.: it's a snap adaptive garments make getting dressed a snap while giving pride and dignity to the individual wearing them!  They are inspired to design outstanding quality adaptive garments with the utmost comfort and warmth for individuals who have restricted movement, are confined to a bed or wheelchair or individuals who have temporary mobility issues, such as a broken hip or arm. Their inconspicuous adaptive alterations enable mobility challenged individuals to dress themselves or for their caregivers to dress them with ease. Special side Snap Openings, along seam lines, allow garments to be opened and wrapped around the torso and/or the legs with little to no movement of the individual being dressed. it's a snap clothing ensures the individual being cared for remains warm and comfortable, whether it be during insertion of IV or chemotherapy infusion, feeding tubes, changing of colostomy / catheter bags or bandage changes, just to name a few.  Address: PO Box 3662, Denver, CO 80161 Phone: 1.877.itsasnap (1.877.748.7276) E-mail:  Contac: Evie Cobb, Co-Founder/vice President

fashion directory  Jamesha's Handicap Clothing: Handicap clothing for children and adults.

fashion directory  Memory Lane Adaptive Products: Collection of adaptive clothing designed for women of style and for the family caregivers who remember and care.

fashion directory  Mini-Miracles Children's Clothing  (Canada) Mini-Miracles is a adaptive line of children's clothing for ages 2-12. Using only 100% Peruvian cotton perfect for even the most sensitive skin.. Stylish , comfortable and adaptive. Promoting independence for the special needs child and their family. A business with a heart where its not just about the sale , but , the person as well.

fashion directory  Panther Creek Products, Inc.: they are designing and producing a specialty line of garments for seniors in nursing homes and other individuals being cared for in their own homes by family members or care givers, and individuals with disabilities who have special dressing requirements.  Their clothing is designed by a lady who has been employed as a CNA for nursing homes for many years.  Their clothing is basic, intended for specific individual needs, and is reasonably priced. Product info available upon request.  Address:  410 E. Main Street  Steeleville, Illinois 62288 USA  Phone:  618-965-9577 or 618-965-9577  Fax:  618-965-9577  Email:  Contact:  Charlie Watts, President

fashion directory  Personal Touch Health Care Apparel: Full line of clothing that is adapted for persons with special needs.

fashion directory  Professional Fit Clothing: Finally, a clothing company for people with disabilities that "Gets It" Cool And Hip fashions that can be adapted to fit your individual needs. Address: 831 N.Lake St #1 Burbank California 91502 U.S Phone: 800-422-2348 or 818-563-1975 Fax: 818-563-1834 Email:  Contact: Kurt Rieback / owner

fashion directory  Shop On Wheels: Providers of specially designed adaptive clothing (open back and easy entry), footwear and accessories for residents in nursing homes and long term care facilities.

fashion directory  Silvert's Specialty Clothing: Special needs clothing for elderly care in assisted living facilities and for the physically disabled.

fashion directory  Special Clothes for Children: Online catalog of adaptive clothing for adults and children.

fashion directory  Specially For You: Custom designed and sewn adaptive clothing for the special needs of the physically challenged person.

fashion directory  Specialty Care Shoppe: Easy access clothing for independent seniors as well as adaptive/assistive clothing for those requiring dressing assistance.

fashion directory  Talon Adaptive Clothing: Makers of adaptive clothing including, wheelchair raincapes, pull-away jackets, and leg warmers.

fashion directory  Thera-Swim: Adaptive swim wear for active seniors/disabled. High quality, easy on/off product designed to keep you warm in the water; fast drying for warmth out of the water.

fashion directory  Trisha's of Acton MA: Online catalog of clothing and accessories specially designed for independence, dignity, and freedom of movement.

fashion directory Unique Boutique: Unique Boutique of Charlotte NC Serving The Women Of Charlotte & Surrounding Areas Since 1981 . Unique Boutique offers a wide selection of mastectomy bras, fashion apparel, breast forms and wigs for women who have undergone a mastectomy or chemotherapy.

fashion directory  USA Jeans: Wheelchair clothing, pants designed for sitting.

fashion directory  Vulpine Outerwear: Adaptive apparel, accessible mittens and gloves.

fashion directory  Wardrobe Wagon: Designer, manufacturer, and seller of wearing apparel for individuals with special needs.

If you can not find enough clothing stores selling adaptive clothing for the elderly or people with medical conditions, you are welcome to search the Amazon database for adaptive clothing. Their database provides listings of adaptive clothes that can be viewed by category, brand name or price.

Women's Adaptive Clothing

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Additional information for reference:

Orthopaedic footwear - Orthopedic shoes are specially-designed footwear to relieve discomfort associated with many foot and ankle disorders, such as blisters, bunions, calluses and corns, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, or heel spurs. They may also be worn by individuals with diabetes or people with unequal leg length. These shoes typically have a low heel, tend to be wide with a particularly wide toe box, and have a firm heel to provide extra support. Some may also have a removable insole, or orthotic, to provide extra arch support.

Rocker bottom shoe - A rocker sole shoe or rocker bottom shoe is a shoe which has a thicker-than-normal sole with rounded heel. Such shoes ensure the wearer does not have flat footing along the proximal-distal axis of the foot. The shoes are generically known by a variety of names including round bottom shoes, round/ed sole shoes, and toning shoes, and also by various brand names. Rocker soles may replace regular soles on any style of footwear. Some rocker bottom shoes are purpose built to reduce the function or replace the lost function of a joint. For example, a person with a hallux rigidus (stiff big toe) may use a rocker bottom shoe to replace the flexion lost at the metatarsal joint. Rocker bottom shoes are also used to compensate for the lost range of motion, however caused, at the tibiotalar joint (ankle joint). In such cases, the wearer maintains solid and stable footing while standing, but the rock of the heel assists with the propulsive phase of gait, making walking more natural and less painful to the affected joints. If selecting these shoes with the hopes of some sort of medical benefit, Apparel Search strongly suggests that you first consult with your physician to make sure it is appropriate.

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