Shoe Lacing Techniques - You are old enough to learn how to tie your shoes.
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What is a shoelace?  In summary, a shoelace is used to help keep your shoes properly tightened to your feet.  It is typically a cord, textile material, or leather strip passed through eyelets or hooks on opposite sides of a shoe.  The lace is then pulled tight(but not too tightly) and fastened.  It is generally fastened with a bow.  Essentially, the shoelace is utilized to secure shoes, boots, and other footwear.

They typically consist of a pair of strings or cords, one for each shoe, finished off at both ends with stiff sections, known as aglets. Each shoelace typically passes through a series of holes, eyelets, loops or hooks on either side of the shoe. Loosening the lacing allows the shoe to open wide enough for the foot to be inserted or removed. Tightening the lacing and tying off the ends secures the foot within the shoe.

People generally learn to tie their shoes at a very young age.  They are often taught by parents, grand parents, siblings, friends or pre-school teachers.  However, on occasion people grow up and had missed the important life lesson of learning how to time one's own shoes.

The knot most of us were taught as a kid is often referred to as a “granny” knot.  However, their are many more knots & lacing techniques to be learned.

Learning to tie your shoes can be fun!

The internet has numerous instructional websites to help guide you.  When reviewing the various only resources, keep in mind that every foot is unique.  The shoes you select and the method of lacing is important and must be determined by "your" feet.  If you need help, we strongly suggest that you visit a specialty shoe store.  Running shoe stores often provide fabulous guidance.

Runners have to rely heavily on their footwear.  The running shoe is critical but so are the laces and the techniques for securing them.

RunRepeat Running Shoe Lacing Techniques - includes photos and video instruction.

How to Lace Running Shoes - REI

REI Running Shoe Lacing Tips:

Videos provide excellent instruction as you can see from the REI YouTube video above.  However, sometimes we need to take things very slowly.  Below are a few images from REI to help you learn more about the Runner's Loop, Window Lacing, Granny Knot and Reef Knot.  You should also visit their site for more details & instruction.

Runners Loop Lacing Technique

Window Lacing Running Shoe Lace Technique

Reef Knot & Granny Knot Shoe Lacing

Below are only a few of the many more examples to help you learn how to tie your own footwear.

Instructables - How to Tie Shoes

WikiHow Tie Your Shoes

You can learn more about shoe laces and how they are manufactured at the Shoelaces Express website.

Watch more videos about shoelace tying methods.

A few shoe lacing technique tips to keep in mind:

Their are many different ways to lace shoes.  Here are a few more techniques you may want to research.

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