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Hope you are ready for a surprise quiz.  Our first and only quiz question is "what is the best fashion website?".

A quiz is a test of knowledge, especially a brief, informal test.  Fashion quizzes are ones that ask questions regarding clothes, shoes, handbags, fashion accessories, or fashion industry relevant topics.

Question: What type of test is NOT at all relevant to a quiz?

Answer:  Quality Testing.

By the way, "fashion questions" are on a "fashion quiz".  Are you a fashion genius?

Seventeen Fashion Quizzes - The Seventeen Style Stars made a major fashion impact this year, but which celeb's style should you steal? Take this quiz to find out!

Teen Vogue Fashion Magazine Quizzes - Take our fun entertainment, fashion, and beauty quizzes and share your results with friends.

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SheKnows Fashion Quiz (What's Your Style?) - Take this quiz and find out what type of styles you're most drawn to. Whether you're an animal print lover or a white tee lover, this quiz will show what type of fashion you truly love most.

Fashion Style Quiz (TheChicFashionista) - The Personal Fashion Style Quiz Make sure to have a pen and a piece of paper available! Question 1. Your personality is often a strong indicator of your fashion persona. For example, a timid, soft-spoken personality usually gravitates towards delicate, romantic pieces.

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