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Sneakers were shoes originally designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise.  They are still used for athletic purposes, but they are now also widely used simply for everyday wear.  In other words, they are often worn simply to be fashionable.  Fashion is a popular trend in style regarding clothing or footwear.

Fashion sneakers are thought of as being more trendy (more stylish) than basic sneakers.

A fashion sneaker can be designed by popular footwear designers, emerging designers, or even as a DIY project.

You can find fashion sneakers at shoe stores and clothing stores that sell footwear.  You can find sneaker in a wide variety of styles and purposes.  Fashion sneakers are available in the category of athletic shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes, and gym shoes.

 You can discover the latest styles of men's or women's athletic fashion sneakers from your favorite brands at several retail locations.  Below are a few shopping options:

Nordstrom Fashion Sneakers

Fashion Sneakers at Bloomingdales

Famous Footwear Fashion Shoes

Steve Madden Fashion Sneakers

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Fashion Sneakers

In addition to those made by athletic and luxury fashion brands, sneakers from lesser know brands are also in high demand.

You may want to learn about collectible shoes such as Air Jordan sneakers.  Air Jordans are always in fashion.

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Fashion designers now see sneakers a very important segment of the market.  Athletic shoe brands now have to also compete with designer clothing brands that now also sell sneakers.

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