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Chalk is a soft, white, porous, sedimentary carbonate rock, a form of limestone composed of the mineral calcite.  Several traditional uses of chalk have been replaced by other substances, although the word "chalk" is often still applied to the usual replacements. Tailor's chalk is traditionally a hard chalk used to make temporary markings on cloth, mainly by tailors. However, it is now usually made from talc (magnesium silicate).

Tailor Chalk

A tailor is a person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing professionally, especially suits and men's clothing.  A seamstress or dress maker would also utilize tailor chalk.  A dressmaker is a person who makes custom clothing for women, such as dresses, blouses, and evening gowns. A dressmaker is also called a mantua-maker (historically) or a modiste. Any sewing professional may find a need for tailor chalk.  A sewing professional is the most general term for those who make their living by sewing, teaching, writing about sewing, or retailing sewing supplies. She or he may work out of her home, a studio, or retail shop, and may work part-time or full-time.

Tailor Chalk at retail.

fashion directory  Carmel Tailor's Chalk:  Carmel is a leading manufacturer of tailor chalk, tailor crayons, fabric markers, and other textile marking products. Doing business with integrity has been Carmel's commitment since it was founded by Joey Rashcovsky in 1974.  Carmel has grown to be a major producer of tailor's chalks and specialty marking products in North America with distributors around the globe.  Address CARMEL Head Office: 10220 Armand Lavergne Ave. Montreal, Quebec Canada H1H 3N4 Tel.: 514-270-5377 Fax: 514-270-2025 E-mail rob@carmelindustries.com   Contact: Rob Rashcovsky

fashion directory  Chemchalk Enterprise (Malaysia): Specialist in highest quality tailors chalk. Available boxed in  4 colors. Plastic tailoring rulers in many sizes.  They export worldwide.  Address:  Jalan Keliling Ipoh 31400  Malaysia Phone:  00-605-5455862 Fax: 00-605-547-3087 Email: info@chemchalk.com
Contact:  Cheng Keng Hak

fashion directory  Colonial Tailor's Chalk:  Colonial Tailor's Chalk has been the leading supplier and innovator of marking products for the textile industry since 1906. Whether you know them as J. Hershkowitz, Inc., The Trippleware Company or Colonial Tailor's Chalk, they are sure that you will be pleased with the many familiar, quality products that they have manufactured and distributed since the beginning.   Their branded items such as Hidden Glow, PMC and The Old Tailor have world wide acceptance in part due to their efforts towards individual attention to their clients and their specific needs.  Address: 112 Nevalou Court, Williamsburg, Virginia 23188  Phone # 757-258-7710  fax 757- 258-7714

fashion directory  Sungai Industrial (S) Co. Pte. Ltd. (China)  Was established in 1975 for over 26 years in the garment accessories field.  They have the experience to manufacture many kinds of accessories.  They started their first factory Sungai Garment Accessories Co. Ltd. in Laizhou, Shangdong Province, China in 1989, followed by the second in Johor, Malaysia in 1995, producing tagging products, shirt accessories, tailor chalk, plastic and brass pins. Their registered "UNIVERSAL" brand is widely recognized and their products have been distributed worldwide to garment factories and wholesalers in South East Asian, South Asian, South African, Middle East, American and European countries.   In the beginning of 21st Century, they set up their export office in Shanghai to export our factory products as well as sourcing reliable accessories factories to assist them exporting all kinds of garment accessories from all regions of China.  Phone: 86-21-64696819 Fax: 86-21-64696807

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