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A tailor is a person who makes, repairs, or alters clothing professionally.

fashion directory Austin Taylor (USA)  A fine men's clothing store that specializes in custom wardrobe design ranging from casual to formalwear.

fashion directory Paul Hawley (United Kingdom)  Offers you bespoke soft tailoring to suit all your needs. All types of clothing catered for from tee shirts to full length dresses.

fashion directory Sartoria Fiorentina (Italy) Tailors of men's fashion. English and Italian.

fashion directory Seams Impossible (Australia) dressmaking and specializes in bridal, debutante, evening and ballroom dancing gowns. Alterations are also available.

fashion directory Sew It All (USA) Provides information on tailoring services and more.

fashion directory Susan Butler (USA) Custom tailor of pageant dresses, bridal gowns, dance gowns and prom dresses.

fashion directory The Tailor Maid (USA) A full-service clothing alterations business offering quality alterations, restyling, repairs, and custom home accessories.

fashion directory Vanalteration (USA)  Clothing alterations and tailoring for women's apparel. Hemming, shortening sleeves and cuffs, custom fitted garments.

Even the best tailors can improve their craft.  Maybe it is time to read books about sewing.  Also, you can visit our sewing education section of the Apparel Search web site.

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