DIY Fashion Terminology
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What is DIY Fashion?  The concept is regarding clothing, footwear, or fashion accessories that you can develop yourself.  DIY means "Do It Yourself".  Why rely on clothing stores to supply you with glorious garments?  Yes, you can make them yourself.

DIY fashion projects typically include step-by-step tutorials to help people design, produce or embellish clothes.  This allows average people to work at home on products such as tops, dresses, jeans, purses, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and more.

The do it yourself culture continues to rise in popularity.  Partially, thanks to websites such as Youtube, Pinterest, and others.

DIY can be simple arts & crafts to extremely elaborate garment design.  Technically, anyone with the aspiration to do so, can design a couture gown or design a ready-to-wear project.

If you plan to make your own clothing, you may want to learn more about sewing.

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