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With the internet in full swing, we have seen many new terms pop up that did not exist in years past.  For example, "Fashion Discussion Groups", "Fashion Forums", "Fashion Networks", "Fashion Message Boards" etc.  If you ask an old time garmento, they would very possibly be confused by any of the terms that I have just listed.  Anyway, on this page we will try to explain the meaning of a fashion industry discussion group.
Fashion Discussion Groups - On the internet a discussion group or discussion forum is a method for group members to communicate regarding a particular subject.  In the case of a fashion discussion group, the subject of discussion is obviously "fashion".  To test the theory of a discussion group, we have created a few fashion industry discussion groups by utilizing the Google Groups system.  
Fashion Industry Careers Discussion Group

You are welcome to test out the discussion group concept from the fashion industry discussion groups listed above.  Please keep discussions relevant to fashion.  Actually, please try to stay on topic based on the group name.  For example, in the "Clothing Store Discussion Group", please keep discussions regarding retail issues.

Fashion Industry Message Boards are very similar in purpose and in function to the discussion group websites.  In all honesty, I am not really sure the difference between a discussion group and a message board.  Actually, now that I think about it, weren't these systems previously called "Chat Rooms".  In my view this type of system has evolved as follows:  Chat Rooms >> Message Boards >> Discussion Groups >> Social Networks. 
Note: I am a garmento and not a expert on the internet..  I may have the above all backwards.  This is only based on my own personal recollection of internet history...
In my opinion, as of now (the year 2007), the best method of communication for the fashion industry is via a social network site.  In fact, the Apparel Search company is one of the very first companies to convert a "social network" framework into a "business to business" network.  You can see what we have done by visiting the Fashion Industry Network.  We did not actually create the code or technology running the network, but we did use our creative juices to tweak the existing code into a "business" network for the fashion industry.  If you work in the fashion industry, you can check out the Fashion Industry Network and join the fashion discussion groups.

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