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In this section you will learn about the term, "Fashion Network".

Online Fashion Networks

An online Fashion Network is a technology driven method for people to meet and discuss the topic of fashion.  You may have heard these referenced as social networks or business networks.  Essentially, networks are communities of people that join together to communicate in various ways regarding specific issues.  Some networks are broad in scope and others have well defined target audiences.  In regard to a "fashion network", the subject of discussion is obviously fashion (or fashion relevant topics). 

Here are a few methods of communication that are typically utilized on a fashion network.

   Members Instant Message other members about fashion.

   Members contribute to Forum discussions about fashion.

   Members upload fashion images along with detailed descriptions and a reply with comments function.    

   Members upload fashion videos along with detailed descriptions and a reply with comments function.

   Members post fashion blog messages and leave comments for others.

   Make friends and communicate back and forth on profile pages.

Above are only a few options... More are being invented each year.

A fashion network can be targeted toward a specific element of clothing or it can be all encompassing and touch on all aspects of fashion.  Some style sites are specifically designed to focus on issues such as shoes, handbags, urban fashion, women's fashion, men's fashion, fashion design, etc.  If you search the internet, you will most likely find many Shoe Networks, Handbag Networks, Fashion Designer Networks, Stylist Networks, etc.  However, you will also find that some are of better quality then others.

Due to the fact that Apparel Search is a "Fashion Industry" guide.  Our preference leans toward networks that are geared to benefit members of the fashion industry.  Therefore, our favorite fashion network is the Fashion Industry Network (

In our opinion, the best place for members of the fashion industry to communicate with one another is at the Fashion Industry Network In addition to the fact that the functionality of the site is amazing, and the network members are even better then amazing, we do have another reason that FIN is our favorite fashion network.  If you have not already guessed why the Fashion Industry Network is our favorite networking site, the reason is that the site has been developed by the Apparel Search Company (the company that has created the page you are currently reading...)

Obviously, you can also network with members of the fashion community at sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Yahoo! 360, LinkedIn etc.  However, these other network sites are VERY broad in scope.  It is some times difficult to find focus.  If you are really only interest in a "fashion" social network or better yet a "fashion business network", we strongly suggest the Fashion Industry Network (

Read an article we have written about the launch of our Fashion Industry Network site (July 11th, 2007). 

Here is another from May 12, 2008 Fashion Network Becomes an Essential Tool for the Fashion Industry

Offline Fashion Networks

Believe it or not, the world did exist prior to the invention of the internet.  As a matter of fact, fashion networks have been in existence long before the creation of mySpace or other popular modern day social networks.  Although fashion networks have been in existence, they may have actually been described under a different name.  Remember, one of the primary functions of a fashion network is to allow people to join together and openly communicate regarding a specific topic of interest.  With that in mind, wouldn't a Fashion Association perform a similar function.  Associations and organizations have existed in the fashion industry long before the creation of the internet.  These associations had been formed with the goal of banding together like minded individuals so that they could work together to reach particular goals and objectives.
In today's world, both online and offline fashion networks can exist. 
Thank you reading about a fashion networks here on the Apparel Search website.  Hopefully you now know a little more regarding the meaning of the term fashion network.


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Fashion Industry Network

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Fashion Network Rules

If you are a member of our fashion network and you have your own fashion website, please consider adding a fashion industry network badge on your site.

Fashion Industry Network Gadgets

Here is an example of a profile page on a fashion network: Apparel1

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