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In this section you will learn about the term, "Fashion Networking".

First of all, what is the primary purpose of networking.  Well, networking is a method for people to share ideas, share contacts, and most importantly share business referrals.  When discussing Fashion Networking, the concept is essentially the act of members of the "fashion industry" sharing ideas, sharing contacts, and sharing business referrals
Simply put, fashion networking involves members of the fashion industry meeting and communicated with one another regarding business relevant issues.  The individuals purpose may vary.  Some people may wish to expand their career options and others may simply wish to develop sales leads.  While others concentrate their networking efforts on building name recognition for their fashion brand.  Although the purpose of networking may vary the concept and methods are basically the same.
The art of networking with members of the fashion industry has clearly changed over the years.  In the past, trade associations and trade exhibits had been leading resources for members of the apparel industry to meet one another.  These are still important tools, but in today's business environment they are only portion of the resources available to members of the clothing industry or textile industry.
As with most things in life, technology has greatly altered the way in which we communicate and network with one another.  Rather then networking face to face, we often conduct networking exercises from keyboard to keyboard.  This is achieved via e-mail and more creatively via online networking sites.  Sites like facebook, and other social networking sites are good methods, but using specialized business to business networks is even a more powerful resource.
In regard to the fashion industry, there is clearly one fashion network that stands above all others.  That site would be the Fashion Industry Network.  In addition to the Fashion Industry Network (sometimes referenced as FIN), you can find other fashion networks online.  You may wish to try a few, but be careful not to spread yourself too thin.  It is good to focus on a good networking site and then build relations with other like minded people.
Networking is an essential skill for most business people, but especially for people working in the apparel industry.  For most career paths in the fashion business, the skill set demands that you go out into the world and create and maintain business relationships.  This is very important if you work for a clothing company or are entrepreneurial and develop your own fashion business.  Building relationship through network is key to success in most industries.  It is extremely important to the fashion industry.
You can see an examples of a fashion business network by going to
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