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What is GothLoli fashion?

Lolita fashion (ロリータ・ファッション Rorīta fasshon) is a fashion subculture originating in Japan that is based on Victorian and Edwardian clothing, but the style has expanded greatly beyond Japan.

Gothic lolita, sometimes shortened to GothLoli (ゴスロリ gosu rori), is a combination of the Gothic and Lolita fashion.  The fashion originated in the late 1990s in Harajuku.

Japanese clothing style similar to lolita style or goth fashion.

The Victorian doll is the prototype for this look.

Kangi (gothic lolita) with English definition of popular Japanese fashion.

There is a distinct culture among hardcore Goth Lollies, to create a complete Goth Lolly look.

Lolita is one of Japan's many popular street fashions that is growing in popularity in the Western world, meant to make the wearer look youthful and innocent.  Gothic Lolita is a subset of the Lolita culture, and is (unsurprisingly) a cross between goth and Lolita styles.

Gothloli Fashion

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