Granny Panties

Fashion Terminology

Granny is another word for one's grandmother.

Granny panties is a slang term used for old lady panties.  In other words, old fashioned traditional women’s underwear.  They are conservative underwear made to cover the modest body.  A granny panty will have more fabric coverage than various other types of underwear.  They are rather opposite compared to the general coverage of g-strings & thong underwear.

Granny Panties

Panties in American English are a form of underwear worn by women.  Panties are most often form-fitting, but may also be loose. Granny panties can also refer to knickers which is an British English word for underwear).  While panties were originally designed to cover the entire lower half of the female torso, since the 1970s panties have had either no legs or, in some cases, very short ones, and have become increasingly briefer over time.  Apparently, no one told granny about the new panty styles that are now available.

Classic briefs feature sides that extend below the hip.  Sometimes these are called "granny panties" by young women.

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