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A fashion collection is a grouping of designs that have been created to form a single collection of items.  They are generally based on a particular theme, trend, garment category, season, etc.

Resort wear is a clothing style, as well as a year-round fashion "season".  This category of clothing is sometimes referred to as "cruise wear".  The original concept being that it was a fashion collections designed specifically for the very affluent consumers who would typically spend the post-Christmas/new Year's weeks in warm-weather climates.  Basically, it was a seasonal collection designed for vacations.

In more recent years the term has transitioned more of a “year” round fashion season. Because people take vacations all year, fashion designers, store buyers, and the media new reference "resort wear" as a specialized year-round clothing style and fashion season.  

The resort wear category is now for vacations as well as a year round luxurious lifestyle.  This category of fashion has become a cross-cultural style that signifies relaxation, affluence, and appreciation of high quality clothing which displays a sense of style to the wearer.

From walking shorts, caftans and sandals, to full-length evening dresses for women and light dinner jackets for men, resort wear signifies luxurious yet vacation vibe design and function. The category can be worn comfortably yet elegantly.  Resort wear is generally made from cotton, silk, denim, microfiber, poplin, and other fabrications that are easy to pack, lightweight and breathable.  They are not always but they are often easy to clean and look great without ironing or fuss.  The concept being that they need to look good for wearers that are on the go trying to enjoy their travel, vacation, or local use in resort like regions of the world. 

Large hats, sunglasses, open-toed shoes, summer dresses, and innovative styles complete the look for those sun-soaked destinations.  The resort wear theme is now a regular part of many of the runway shows in New York, Paris, Milan etc.  Similar to Sping/summer & Fall/winter the Resort Wear category has become an important part of Fashion Week.

Resort wear is important collection for many brands and designer collections.  Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Anna Sui, Prada, Marc Jacobs and many other designers have shown resort wear in their collections.  Clothing companies such as J. Crew, Banana Republic, Lilly Pulitzer, and Tommy Bahama are also keen on this segment of the market.

Resort wear is also sometimes referenced as a cruise collection.

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