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A fashion collection generally refers to clothing produced for a particular season.  Fashion is a popular style and we all know that what is popular today may not be popular tomorrow.  Therefore, the clothing industry is constantly designing new products.  One way for clothing designers & brands to display product to buyers is to develop seasonal collections.

A fashion collection can be clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, or a combination of these items.  It is essentially a selection of outfits and individual garments that fashion designers put together for the upcoming season.  The collection of clothing, footwear or accessories, reflects the designers predictions of upcoming trends, including color, cut, line and proportion.  The grouping of designs is what the design intends to sell to retailers.

Below are a few examples of some of the clothing collection categories.

Bridge Collections

Capsule Collections

Resortwear Collection

Contemporary Fashion Collection

Diffusion Fashion Collection

Fashion Designer Collections

Clothing brand price points also play a role in categorizing collections.  Learn about fashion industry price points that are used to categorize fashion collections.

Some of the top fashion designers will present their work at fashion week events.  Others will show off their designs at apparel industry trade shows or to buyers at their showrooms.  Others will display product online, in catalogs, or via marketing materials.

The term fashion collections is often used as a fashion synonym for the term "fashion line" or clothing line.  However, a collection and a line does have differences.  A clothing line refers to "all of the clothing" a fashion company produces for a specific category.  A clothing collection generally refers to clothing produced for a particular season.  Learn more about Clothing Lines.

If you are interested in seeing fashion designers present their collections at runway shows, you should attend a fashion week event.

A collection is a group of objects or works to be seen, studied, or kept together.  A fashion collection is a group of clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, etc., that are presented as a designers group of work for the season.

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