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It is often thought that the fashion term "line" can be synonymous with "collection".  In other words, a clothing line and a clothing collection (fashion collection) being essentially the same thing.  However, a collection can be found within a line.  A line may consist of multiple collections.

A clothing line refers to "all of the clothing" a fashion company produces for a specific category.

A clothing collection generally refers to clothing produced for a particular season.

For example, "the designers clothing line is outstanding".  This can refer to the entire product range for a long length of time.  Alternatively, we can say, "the designers fall clothing collection is outstanding".  This refers to a specific collection which is part of the fashion designers overall clothing line.

Line and collection has a subtle difference in shade of meaning.  It is truly very easy to mix up the terms.

To be honest, here at Apparel Search we often forget this nuance and use the term clothing line and clothing collection interchangeably.  Do you make that mistake also?

clothing line

A fashion collection is a selection of outfits and individual garments that fashion designers put together every season.  The collections reflect predictions of upcoming trends, including color, fabrics, cut, line and proportion. A collection will often include a variety of styles, such as evening wear, sportswear, and outerwear, etc.  Or they fashion collection can be all one type of garment.  For example, the entire collection can be swimwear or bridal gowns.  The clothing collection does not necessarily have to be a mix of garment types.  The items in a collection depend on the fashion companies business model or strategy.

What steps are needed to create a clothing line?

Well, which came first the chicken or the egg.  Would it be a good idea to create a "collection" or a "business" first?

In the opinion of, you should create a solid and clear business plan first. Your business plan needs to lay out how you intend to manage your clothing line. Try to be as realistic as possible when you write your plan for your new company. Remember, it's better to underestimate your profits and be pleasantly surprised than to overestimate your abilities and be disappointed.  You don't want your new clothing line to fail by not having enough money to actually produce the garments.

Do you plan on starting a clothing line with a friend?

Sometimes joining up with a friend or colleague that is also fashion minded can help get your clothing line off the ground.  With more support and constructive ideas it may be more practical than going at it alone. However, before you create a partnership you should do you best to ensure that you are business compatible.  Just because you're friends it absolutely does not mean you will click when running a business together.  In fact, running a fashion business with a friend can easily become a friendship ender.

After you have your business concept laid out, the design work begins.  In order to design a clothing line, you may need assistance with fashion illustrating, pattern making, CAD design, trend board development, sample making, and more.

Determine the category that you plan to design and the price fashion price points that are appropriate.  The ultimate consumer and affordability is an important aspect to consider when developing a clothing line.

Different types of clothing lines.

Diffusion Lines

Examples of a few clothing categories to consider when planning a collection:


Ready-to-wear Clothing Line

Haute Couture Clothing Line

Contemporary Fashion Collections

Sportswear Clothing Line

Activewear Clothing Line

Bridge Collection

We often receive questions about how to start a clothing line and clothing company. If you take the time, you can find many fashion industry articles, seminars, books, etc., about how to start your own clothing line.  Hopefully you will find a fashion book with everything you need to know to succeed.

What is the difference between a clothing line & a clothes line?

Another similar fashion term would be a "clothes line" or "clothesline".  A clothes line is actually different than a "clothing line" or "fashion line".

Clothes Line for Drying Clothing

Who creates clothing lines?

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