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In recent years, Apparel Search has seen many renowned fashion designers launch lower priced apparel collections that reach a different customer--one who may not have a high disposable income and can not afford the higher prices associated with designer collections. These lines are called diffusion lines.

According to Wikipedia, a diffusion line is a modestly-priced collection of merchandise created by high-end designers, which retails at more moderate prices and targets the masses. These collections are separate to fashion houses' "signature lines" or principle lines that retail at much higher prices. Diffusion collections may be on sale alongside designers' signature collections, but they can also be made available at concession outlets and certain chain stores (for instance, H&M and Target).

Exclusive diffusion lines that are generally only available at signature line establishments include: Marc by Marc Jacobs; D&G by Dolce & Gabbana; Y's by Yohji Yamamoto; and Versus by Versace. Designer diffusion lines that are available at fashion chain stores (and therefore reach mass audiences) include: Simply Vera by Vera Wang offered exclusively at Kohl's; Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo for H&M; and Isaac Mizrahi for Target.

Apparently the trend first started with designers such as Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani launching lower priced lines, which included D&G and Armani Exchange, respectively. More recently, many retailers such as H&M, Target, and Kohl's have become renowned for launching these types of diffusion collections. H&M has partnered with Madonna, Roberto Cavalli, and a host of other designers in recent years. The launch usually creates quite a media buzz with fashionistas waiting on line for hours to snatch up the chic yet lower-priced designer duds.

Some more upscale retailers, like Brooks Brothers have also partnered up with high profile designers in a different capacity. Brooks Brothers introduced a "guest" collection, called Black Fleece with British designer Thom Browne.

Written By Regina Cooper for Apparel Search.

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