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Prêt-à-Porter and Ready-to-wear mean the same thing. The French translation for Prêt-à-Porter into English is Ready-to-wear. Basically Ready-to-wear, is garments that are truly "ready to wear". In other words, you view them in a store, purchase them, and you are then ready to wear them. They are off the rack, high quality, garments that are NOT made to measure.

Gaby Aghion the fashion designer behind the brand Chloé was the first to coin the term prêt-à-porter.

Note: Even though garments are "Ready-to-wear", they still often need tailoring before you actually wear them.

Written by ML at Apparel Search January 5, 2011.

Below you will find further explanation about Prêt-à-Porter as described by Regina for Apparel Search.

According to Merriam-Webster, the fashion term "pret–a–porter" means "ready-to-wear clothes."

It is a French term that describes clothing that is marketed in a finished condition and offered in standard sizes. The term describes a lower and more popular price point of garments, which are offered by most design houses.
According to, the fashion industry offers two collections—“haute couture” and “ready-to-wear.”  The term "haute couture" describes exclusive and often trend-setting fashions, but, most fashion houses also create "ready-to-wear" or "pret-a-porter" clothing because these garments, which are informal and practical, and therefore, more marketable, can be worn every day. Ready-to-wear garments are also more affordable. Since fashion houses create and sell more ready-to-wear, this grouping offers higher volumes and a quicker turnover, so it drives higher revenues. Ready-to-wear collections are the collections that are presented at Fashion Week.

Related terms for ready-to-wear include off-the-peg, off-the-rack, and off-the shelf.

Written for Apparel Search by Regina Cooper Nov. 2009

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