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Have you ever heard the term "Clothing Horse"?  In summary, this refers to a person that has a great deal of clothing.  A person that has closets and dressers over flowing with clothing, footwear, and fashion accessories...
In all honesty, I have absolutely no clue when and where this phrase was developed.  As a matter of fact, I am not sure if an actual definition exists.  It is very possible that the world has not yet been graced with a formal definition of the term Clothing Horse.  Therefore, I am taking it upon myself to create the definition.

Clothing Horse: a human that maintains an excessive inventory of clothing for personal utilization.  A clothing horse typically purchases several items of clothing each fashion season.  They own and wear the latest fashion trends, but they also hold onto older styles of clothing.   Knowing very well that fashion goes in cycles, a true clothing horse will keep clothing on hand from previous years.  They will generally store clothing until the items return to fashion (potentially decades).
First Use of the Term Clothing Horse:
In the mid 1800's, in the United States, there was a young girl named Laura Ingles.  She enjoyed clothing so much, she developed an extensive collection of bonnets, britches, bloomers, and sun dresses.  One day she and her family had to move to a little house on a new prairie across the state.  Because she had so many outfits, her father had to use a "Horse" drawn wagon just to carry her clothes to the new house.  The rest of the family, was able to combine all of there clothing into one small satchel.  Because Laura needed her own horse and wagon to bring along her clothing, her sisters referenced the horse as a Clothing Horse.  Later after teasing Laura about her overwhelming amount of clothes, her sisters began to call Laura a Clothing Horse.  And that is how the term began...
Note: As mentioned previously on this page, I am not certain the source of the phrase Clothing Horse.  The above explanation is strictly from my own imagination... If you think you can do better, create your own article...  Actually, if you have other suggestions as to the meaning of the term clothing horse, please let me know.  Possibly, we can add your comments to this page.


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