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A capsule collection is a set of things or items, for example, a set of fashion garments and accessories or furniture, comprising all of basic or key items. Unlike a regular collection, a capsule collection is highly condensed and compact.

Many of today’s most prominent fashion designers partner with big-name, low-cost retailers to offer these types of collections, which comprise of a few select pieces that truly reflect their design perspectives, but are also affordably priced. It is important to note that the capsule collections are only offered for a limited amount of time.

This capsule collection concept offers incentives to retailers, designers, and consumers. It enables retailers to introduce top-notch design at affordable prices that reach the masses. Due to its mass appeal, designers are able to reach consumers who would not typically be able to to afford to purchase from their higher-end collections. That explains why, in recent years, Apparel Search saw an increase of launches that are classified as capsule collections. While retailers have an opportunity to offer top designs that boast high-end designer labels and brand recognition, consumers are granted access to up-to-date, trend-conscious fashion at affordable prices. Apparel Search points to a host of fashion designers who have launched capsule collections. When Stella McCartney Kids made its debut, it was offered as a capsule collection, which included basic pieces that offered comfort and function without sacrificing the fun and carefree elements associated with childrenswear designs. Designer Roland Mouret also created an exclusive capsule collection for Lane Crawford, and Lacoste brought back eye-popping color with the launch of its capsule collection Studio Lacoste.

Written by Regina Cooper for Apparel Search November 2010

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