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The term "vintage" can vary based on who you ask.  We have seen the term described as items that are between 20 to 100 years old.  However, if an item is 101 years old does that mean it is no longer vintage?  That would seam a bit silly in my opinion.  But if it ages an additional year, it may turn into an "antique" instead.  

Is 20 years truly long enough to qualify as vintage?  Many people may have concert t-shirts that are over 20 years old.  Some people may consider old worn out t-shirts to be trash rather than vintage.  However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

OK, it is now time to learn about vintage footwear.  Take a step back in time and educate yourself regarding foot coverings from the past.  Maybe you are looking for Mary Jan flats from the 1960's or T-strap heels from the 1920's.  Oh, maybe you would love a nice pair of vintage Go-go boots.

Vintage footwear can be sought after by collectors for a variety of reasons.  Finely aged shoes can be worn for fashionable purposes, movie props, roaring 20's parties, etc.  Let's first learn the difference between vintage, antique & retro.  Yes, their are in fact differences.

The difference between vintage & antique

Why choose old verse new?

Going with a vintage pair of shoes can allow you to be unique.  Vintage inspired footwear styles could be in very limited supply.  For example, if the shoe was manufactured 80 years ago, how many pairs do you think exist today in wearable condition?  Hunt around and find the unique item that will set you apart from the crowd.  Keep in mind when shopping in the market that you will find "real" as well as replica options.  Either way is good depending on your need.

Find the perfect shoes from past eras.

The best place to search for vintage shoes would be in a vintage fashion store.  You can also find vintage footwear on websites such as Etsy & eBay. You may want to also visit your local thrift store or consignment shop.

Did you know?

Most 19th-century shoes were known as straights, which means that the right and left shoes were interchangeable. It was only later in the century that shoes became crooked, a reference to the curve in the sole of the shoe to account for the mirrored shapes of our left and right feet.

Learn about the different shoe styles.

Find vintage fashion stores that could also sell the footwear of your dreams.

If you are purchasing very old clothing, it is very possible it is technically a limited edition simply for the fact that back in the day mass production was less prevelant.

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