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fashion directory  Barbett Industries, Inc. (USA) : Barbett Industries Inc. is an independent domestic textile manufacturer offering a wide range of custom and commodity narrow fabric of superior quality and always competitively prices. They manufacture twist cord, bolo cord, jacquard braids, scroll braids, draw cords, Shoe & Boot laces, president braid, bullion fringe, uniform braids, etc.

fashion directory  Grip-Flex Corporation: Grip-flex has been supplying the uniforms industries for over 40 yrs.  Marching bands, military, postal are just some of the people they service.  They have every kind of trimmings you would need to produce a top quality uniform.  Address: 2245 East Ontario street  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19134  USA  Phone:  215-743-7492 Email:  mdl179@cs.com Contact:Michael Lowney / vice pres.

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