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  Avero Packaging Corporation :  Since 1988, their sole purpose has been to bring to the Shrink Wrap Market specialized expertise in both Shrink Wrap Machinery and Materials. Their engineers have over 20 years of experience in the market and continue specialized training.  As a Master Shrink Wrap Distributor, they maintain a large inventory of both shrink wrap materials and machinery.
  • Wholesale Shrink Wrap Machinery
  • Wholesale Shrink Wrap Distributor

  John Edwards Co. Inc. : was established in 1964 as an independent distributor of flexible packaging machinery and packaging supplies; they also supply on-site technical support and equipment parts to support your operation and keep your machinery running efficiently. They currently provide their products and services to a wide variety of companies throughout the Carolinas, Virginia, Tennessee, and surrounding areas. They represent a variety of high quality packaging products including shrink films, tapes, stretch wrapping films, polyethylene, shrink bands, skin packaging films, polypropylene, inks, labels, printed films, anti-corrosion films, kraft papers; shrink packaging machinery, stretch wrappers, case erectors and case sealers, conveyor systems, shrink bundling machinery, horizontal wrappers, high speed sheet feeders, print & apply label applicators, ink jet printers, and an assortment of accessories to support automation and product handling.

  • Wholesale Shrink Wrap Machinery
  • Wholesale Shrink Wrap Distributor

  Kempner (United Kingdom) is the UKs largest distributors of display shrink wrap materials and machinery. A comprehensive range of shrink wrap film and shrink wrap machinery, unsurpassable technical & customer service. Two superb ranges of Polyolefin shrink films, Clysar Premium films and Ultra films, also a broad range of PVC shrink films.

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  • Wholesale Distributor of Shrink Wrap Machinery

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